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Rhonda Britten has risen from the ashes of genuine catastrophe. She has seen the deepest darkness, and found her way beyond it. Hers was not an easy path, by any means. What she has accomplished within herself, and now helps others to accomplish as well, is nothing short of miraculous.
Marianne Williamson

Author of New York Time's Bestselling "Return to Love"

Congratulations. If you’re on this page it means you’re curious about becoming a Life Coach. I’m so excited for you because there’s nothing better than helping a soul unfold and watch their life blossom beyond their wildest dreams. 

But before I understood how fear worked, I never thought I could help other people change their lives because it always felt like I was struggling to change my own. (Does this sound familiar?)

Growing up, I tried to ignore the chaos that was going on around me until that fateful day when my world came crashing down and I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

It would take me 20 years to stop fears hold on me but first, I had to discover what I was afraid of. I had prided myself my entire life on NOT being afraid so recognizing how fear really works, identifying my hidden core fear and then learning how to master it turned my life around. 

When I finally understood fear, everything changed for me. It will do the same for you. Then, you’ll not only know you can impact other people’s lives, you’ll know that it’s your destiny if becoming a Life Coach is calling you. 

Welcome to Fearless Living’s Life Coach Certification Program. We’ve been training Certified Fearless Living Coaches since 2000. I’m glad you’re here.

Rhonda Britten has exposed fear for the imposter that it is. “Fearless Living” has the potential to neutralize any fear-based habits standing between you and the fulfillment of your destiny. Fear will flee in the face of your self-dominion as you master the powerful principles she has perfected through her own practice.
Rev. Michael Beckwith

Founder, Agape Center of Truth and seen in The Secret

Rhonda Britten, named America’s Favorite Life Coach, is an Emmy Award-winner, Repeat Oprah guest, Coach of the Year recipient, Standing Ovation Keynote Speaker, and Master Life Coach. 

She has changed lives in over 600 episodes of reality television, and is the author of four bestselling books – including her seminal work, Fearless Living. As the Founder of the Fearless Living Institute

(FLI), she has developed what’s been called “the Ivy League of Life Coach Training” through her Life Coach Certification Program (LCCP).

Rhonda has devoted her life to bringing the neuroscience of emotional fear down to earth, providing a practical path out of “not being good enough” by way of the “Wheels” technology that she developed to save her own life. What she teaches is what she’s lived.

She’s been read, heard and watched by millions, coached tens of thousands of clients, trained hundreds of coaches, and now wants to share all she knows with you!

A respected life strategist, Britten is both inspired and inspiring – with a pinpoint ability to see through to the core of the issues at hand, and to address them straight on – with generous doses of spunk, compassion, and humor. What truly sets her apart though is her gifts for instinct and intuition, honed over years of coaching thousands of clients in a wide range of settings: From private sessions, to workshops and courses, to television shows in the US and abroad.

Her authentic and relatable spirit is the vehicle for her unmatched expertise to be delivered – in a no-nonsense manner that consistently yields maximum results. Rhonda is adept at creating dynamic action-oriented exercises designed to compliment her simple yet sophisticated “Wheel of Fear” and “Wheel of Freedom” models upon which her work is based.

Rhonda’s passion for overcoming emotional fears was born of personal tragedy. She became an orphan at 14, when she was the sole witness to her parents’ murder-suicide. In overcoming the legacy of this terrifying and life-shattering experience, Rhonda developed the principles and resources that she would later use to heal herself and so many others.

Rhonda’s personal story is one of triumph over a tragedy that few people experience. After searching desperately for relief in therapy and self-help books, she realized that no matter what she did, or how hard she tried, she still wasn’t able to overcome her past.

It was finally when she woke up in the psych ward after her third failed suicide attempt that she knew she somehow must find the answer to her pain, or she’d stay forever stuck in a spiral of depression, suicidal thoughts, self-sabotage, and addiction.

Through the exploration of real-world assignments that she began to give herself, what Rhonda discovered is a pathway to freedom that cuts through the false beliefs, negative thoughts, and silent secret fears that every human being carries.

Her easy-to-understand yet life-altering method is called Fearless Living.

Fearless Living is grounded in cognitive principles that are proven to change the neural pathways in the brain and allow people to experience richer and more fulfilled lives.

Her tools are practical and doable – using everyday examples that create immediate positive change, as well as provide new ways to communicate for more connected relationships.

Rhonda was the first Life Coach in the world to be featured on reality television. Best known for her work on the hit NBC daytime reality show Starting Over, she was named its “Most Valuable Player” by The New York Times, and “America’s Favorite Life Coach” by TV Guide

Rhonda is a proud recipient of the “Coach of the Year” Award, and the “Smart Woman of the Year” Award. She is a blog favorite at, and a popular speaker at TEDx and numerous other corporations and organizations, including Southwest Airlines, Blue Shield of California, Northrup Grumman, and many more.

Rhonda’s unwavering belief in the power of a true support network gave birth to the Fearless Living Institute. Based on the idea that “no one can be fearless alone,” FLI hosts free public introductory classes, in depth online courses, in-person events and workshops, and “Starting Over Intensives” – and is also home to comprehensive certification programs for both Life Coaches and Trainers.

Rhonda’s unquestionable passion is furthering the global reach of the spirit and freedom found in fearlessness. To that end, she is fully in her element when training Coaches. Her Life Coach Certification Program (LCCP), one of the first in the world, is considered by many to be the “Ivy League of Life Coach training”. Business-in-a-Box (BIAB), her train-the-trainer program open to Certified Fearless Living Coaches, uses her work as the foundation for her Coaches to educate the public via a different medium, through the licensing of a variety of one- and two-day in-person Fearless Living workshops.

Rhonda’s four books include bestsellers Fearless Living (which contains her groundbreaking “Wheel of Fear” and “Wheel of Freedom” work), Change Your Life in 30 Days, Fearless Loving , and Do I Look Fat in This?

Visit to read Rhonda’s blog, learn more, and get fearless!

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