How Sympathy is a Trap [Season 1 Ep 3]

Here’s the Recap:

elcome to Season 1, Episode 3 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten.

We’re diving deep into the third line of the Master Coach Manifesto™: “A Master Coach never blames or shames their client, or gives them sympathy or pity, but supports them unconditionally”

Moments You Don’t Want to Miss!

  • 2:13 – Hear Rhonda flub and lesson learned
  • 4:31 – Do you do this? Examples of shame and sympathy
  • 6:31 – How your assumptions disempower your clients
  • 8:45 – This disempowers your client
  • 9:11 – To empower your clients, put your personal opinions aside
  • 9:58 – How to get to the heart of your clients feelings
  • 10:38 – How to support your clients in processing their feelings
  • 12:41 – Coaching Tip of the Day: Eliminate the word “stress” and here’s why
  • 13:39 – Fearbuster Exercise™: Feelings List and how to use it
  • 14:10 – One word that changes everything
  • 15:07 – Naming your subtle feelings is one aspect of self-mastery
  • 16:09 – The one tool I use alongside Nonviolent Communication
  • 17:33 – How blame and shame may show up in your coaching
  • 18:42 – What does it mean to support unconditionally
  • 19:13 – Question of the Day: “If a client goes off on a rant and starts to get defensive, what do you suggest doing?”

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