No Such Thing as a Mistake [Part 5 of 13]

Here's the Recap:

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 5 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. In today’s episode, I discuss …

One of my favorite lines in the Master Coach Manifesto is: “A Master Coach coaches beyond right or wrong or bad or good because there is no such thing as a mistake.”

Here’s what I know: There’s no benefit to blaming and shaming for mistakes. The same is true for withholding innocence. Seeing your own innocence, and your clients is a cure-all for reframing your past into a new present that you’ll be proud of. And even more important, you will be able to let go of guilt and breath!

Moments You Don't Want to Miss!

  • 04:51Go beyond the current problem
  • 07:06This belief limits your capacity to help your clients
  • 07:38Three things needed for transformation
  • 08:48Downfall of “I should have known better.”
  • 10:03Coaching skill of seeing innocence
  • 10:45More you know, the crueler you can become
  • 11:59Wrong way to motivate yourself and robot results
  • 13:30What if you saw your client’s innocence?
  • 14:17Coaching Roleplay: Mistakes
  • 17:40Ask coaching questions to eliminate guilt, shame, etc.
  • 18:08Forget 10. Six is fine.
  • 18:20Where striving for 10 comes from
  • 20:15Meaning of mistake
  • 20:46Coaching Tip of The Day: Do you see your own innocence and do you see your client’s?
  • 22:18Question of the Day:“My client came to me saying that she wants to have a baby with her husband because she’s getting older and believes that kids bring couples joy and therefore, brings them closer together.”
  • 23:35Clarity comes when any answer to the same question is okay
  • 24:30“Your yes means nothing if you can’t say no.”

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