Speak As If They Are Innocent [Part 1]

Here's the Recap:

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 4 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. This Season I share the Eight Coaching Skills every Certified Fearless Living Coach uses as the foundation of their coaching practice and, how you can too!

In today’s episode, I share one of the most critical coaching skills and one of the most difficult to master. And… this skill is the foundation of everything. And I do mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Buddha. Jesus. Martin Luther King. All the spiritual masters preach this skill as key to compassion and connection with others.

The good news is when you practice this in earnest, not only do you become a better Coach, but more important, you will have less judgment of yourself and those you love plus acquire a boatload of peace of mind.

What’s the #1 Coaching Skill?

Speak as if they are innocent

Innocence may ‘sound’ easy but in fact, embodying this skill will force you to confront your judgments and opinions about what is right or wrong, bad or good. It will shine a light on where your beliefs and values are holding you hostage.

What You Will Discover:

  • What does it mean to practice “innocence”

  • How do you see your Clients innocence as well as your own (even when you disagree)

  • The structure of your Session impacts your results

  • Learn how to practice seeing your Clients innocence

  • Question of the Day: Occasionally I find myself reacting to my Client’s story with expressions like, ‘Oh man,’ or, ‘I’m so sorry.’ Why is that such a bad thing? Is there a way to recover from it? When is it okay to do?”

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