Speak As If They Can Do It [Part 2]

Here's the Recap:

One of the greatest human struggles is between belief and disbelief, confidence and doubt. As a Coach, you must not be seduced to take the easy path of cheerleading but instead, you have an opportunity to grab the roots of disbelief and expose it for the lie that it is.

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 11 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. Today’s episode – “Speak as if they can do it” – is about fertilizing the soul for building a solid foundation of faith, confidence, and peace so your clients can make powerful, authentic and brave decisions.

What You Will Discover:

  • “Speak As If They Can Do It” is not cheerleading
  • Essential characteristics of a good coaching program
  • How to stand for your Clients until they can stand for themselves
  • The power of failing is a lesson that must be embodied for success
  • What does resilience have to do with peace of mind?
  • Question of the Day: “Why do so many Coaches take a training and don’t end up actually coaching?”
  • Bonus Question of the Day: “How can we keep Clients on track when they insist they want something that’s clearly not the right thing for them to do?” Check out the roleplay!

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