EMBODY the MASTER COACH MINDSET™ – How do you see yourself and your client? Really…

What philosophy do you use as the foundation of your coaching?

I’m not talking specific tools or skills or even the process you use. I’m talking about the mindset of a Master Coach: how you approach a client, how you see a client, how you treat a client and the WHY behind it all.

It’s more than loving them, or wanting to help, or believing in them. Those things are critically important but not enough to change most clients. They need inspiration, motivation, and coaching!

Sadly, the problems start with our education system. (No, it’s not your fault that you doubt yourself sometimes because….)

The problem is…Most coaching programs teach content only.

They give you a list of questions to ask, but they don’t show you HOW to apply those questions: when to say what, how to say it or how to be sure your client has integrated their heart, head, and intuition when coaching your clients. They give you little real-world practice and no foundational philosophy to lean on that will show you HOW to shift your client, how to APPLY the skills, questions, and tools. (Don’t worry. I will show you how just like I showed Jessica.)

Here’s an example…As a graduate of a well-known Health Coaching School, Jessica was so excited when folks started to hire her to help them feel better and look better. She was confident she knew exactly what to do. (Hadn’t her school told her that she had everything she needed to be successful?) Until, one-by-one, her clients didn’t complete their homework, they didn’t follow through, they weren’t taking her direction, advice, and support. Eventually, they were “too busy” to continue.

At first, Jessica labeled her clients ‘resistant’ and ‘difficult.’ She was convinced she was there for her clients, they just weren’t there for themselves. That simply wasn’t true.

This is a common problem in the World of Coaching. Most coaches do exactly what Jessica did, blame their clients for their failed follow-through and then, set out to get the PERFECT CLIENT in the hopes to avoid all the difficult ones. What if you never had a difficult or resistant client again? It is possible.

Here’s the question Jessica asked me…Why won’t my clients do what I ask them to do? They’re paying me to help them but they won’t take action. Rhonda, how do you COACH someone past their resistance? How do you COACH someone when they are not following through with their best intentions? 

Blaming your client is a rookie coaching move. Calling them names like “resistant” or “difficult” is one way to shame them.

That’s where the Master Coach Mindset™ comes in….(Be sure to watch Jessica’s video about her experience at the Fearless Conversations Workshop for Coaches Only.The philosophies I teach at that three-day event are vital to the Master Coach Mindset.)

If you doubt yourself, aren’t sure how to ask the next powerful question (or aren’t sure what it is), or wonder why you’re not making more money… that ends today. Together, we’ll integrate what you already know with the Master Coach Mindset and it will catapult you to success. Plus, I will give you the Fearbuster Coaching™ tools to help you get there.

You’re going to have an unshakable MINDSET when I’m done with you…


Fear is a part of every human being. It’s the reason why your client stops doing their homework, why they stop showing up for sessions, why they don’t move forward even when you are pointing out the way.

What if there were no more “resistant” clients? What if there were no more “difficult” clients? What if you knew how to shift your client by your mere presence? How would your business change?

At Fearless Conversations Workshop for COACHES ONLY, you’re going to learn how fear subtly enters your language and how you could be unconsciously triggering your client. Most importantly, I will show you what to say instead.

You’ll uplevel your discernment between disempowering language and empowered language. It goes way beyond “can” versus “can’t” or “should” versus “choose.” That’s beginner stuff. We are talking waaaay deeper.


Fear is part of every human being. It’s the reason why your client stops doing their homework, why they stop showing up for sessions, why they don’t move forward, even when you’re giving them your best.

Here’s what most Coaches don’t know…One of the #1 tools at your disposal is your language. Yep. Yours.

Do you know the difference between empowering language and disempowering language? Do you know that sympathy can be disempowering? Or if you cheerlead your client too much, you could actually lose their trust. Or if you put yourself in their shoes one too many times, your client may give up on coaching all together. And, maybe, even their dreams. (The same ones they hired you to help them reach.)

Don’t mistake empowering language with positive thinking or positive words. They are not the same thing.

Unwittingly, you may be triggering your clients with the words you use, the way you say them or how you layer your questions. You do layer your questions right?

And let’s talk vocabulary.

Your vocabulary is key to empowering your client to feel heard and seen giving them the courage to move past their fears.

Alert: Every single client comes to you in fear because they are coming to you to solve a problem or reach a dream. They are hiring you to support them to move beyond the known that means they are pushing against their fear every single time you give them a homework assignment, every time you ask them how they are doing, every time they are measuring their success against where they are versus where they want to be.

You gotta know this. Through the words you use, they will be able to get beyond their fears but they need your help to do it. That’s why you must become an expert at empowering language.

When you listen to the Master Coach Mindset™ podcast, you’ll learn how fear may be subtly entering your language and what to say, and how to say it, instead.

You’ll up-level your discernment between disempowering language and empowered language. It goes way beyond “can” versus “can’t” or “should” versus “choose.” That’s beginner stuff. We are talking waaaay deeper.

What if the words you used could shift your clients turning their fears into inspiration and motivation to take their next risk? That’s something that could absolutely shift your client by your mere presence? How would your business change?

You can do this. You can be that good. That confident. That trusting. That clear. That compassionate. That empowering. Not by faking it, but by “being it” and using your language to own it.



I get asked all the time “In a coaching session, how do you know when to ask which question?”

I know how to do that, and I know what questions to ask, because I trust my coaching completely. And how did I learn how to trust myself?

By developing the 8 Fearless Coaching Skills that are at the heart of Fearless Living, and that I now share on Master Coach Mindset™ podcast.

Those 8 Fearless Coaching Skills came out of my own desire to deepen my experience with my clients. To go beyond accountability (and yes, that’s important but…). To go beyond the perfect question. To go beyond the rote and the norm and the average. But instead, truly give my client an extraordinary experience, not of me, but of themselves.

In fact, until today, I’ve only taught these 8 Coaching Skills to be my very own Certified Fearless Living Coaches. Yep, this was a closed training.

These 8 Coaching Skills are unlike anything you’ve ever been taught. I like to say that these 8 Coaching Skills are really the ART of Coaching. They will give you the foundation to have the Fearless Conversations™ that are calling you.

You didn’t become a coach to ask the same questions over and over again. You didn’t become a coach to judge your clients and doubt yourself. No, you became a coach to set your clients FREE. And have as many clients as you’d like. Create a lifestyle that works for you. To give back. To make a difference.

You became a Coach for a reason…it’s time to actualize your dream!

These 8 Coaching Skills will deepen your love of coaching, and your love for your clients too. You will reclaim your essential nature and coach your clients using every bit of yourself…fearlessly.

You can do this..and I promise it’s going to blow your mind!

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