The Importance of Seeing Clients Innocence [Part 09 of 13]

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Welcome to Season 1, Episode 9 of Master Coach Mindset™ with Rhonda Britten. In today’s episode, I discuss…

One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing a coach label their client a: ‘resistant client’ or ‘difficult client.’ That isn’t even possible once you understand how fear works and the power of innocence.

When you see through the eyes of innocence, you will soon believe that your client is never purposely sabotaging themselves or being resistant, or hurting their chances for success. They’re not purposely wrecking their lives or making bad choices.

That’s why today we are focusing on line nine of the Master Coach Manifesto:
“A Master Coach speaks to their client’s innocence, creating safety and deep healing, allowing their client to trust themselves again.”

Listen to the episode to find out more…

Moments You Don't Want to Miss!

  • 3:02A Master Coach speaks to their client’s innocence, creating safety and deep healing, allowing their client to trust themselves again.
  • 4:44 You are not the solution to your client’s problem

  • 5:00 Why asking questions matters
  • 5:31 Your client is not purposely sabotaging themselves, here’s what to say…
  • 8:02 Seeing your clients innocence creates an opportunity for great healing

  • 8:27 Why understanding the importance of needs helps you see innocence

  • 9:20 How needs and fear walk hand-in-hand

  • 9:37 Roleplay: What to say when you’re practicing innocence
  • 10:10 Do not coach to urgency here’s why
  • 10:50 There’s no such thing as wasted time
  • 14:52 You’re client wants you to buy into their view of themselves, do this instead
  • 15:20 How our need for safety can invite fear in to run our lives
  • 16:07 Their problem is the vehicle for your clients transformation
  • 18:28 Coaching Tip of the Day: “Your ability to live in the unknown equals your ability to be free.” – Rhonda Britten

  • 19:04 You’re either seeing innocence or getting caught in fear
  • 19:58 “Fear can be a great motivator, but it will never let you be satisfied.” – Rhonda Britten
  • 20:16 Question of the Day: “If a client goes off on a rant and starts to get defensive, what do you suggest doing? Acknowledging it, ignoring it? How do I not get in my client’s stuff?”

  • 22:10 Roleplay: Drinking water example

  • 25:43 When your client hires you, their fear is activated because they are facing something that’s difficult and haven’t been able to do on their own.

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